Fundraiser in Memory of Little Fella

Little Fella joined the DAPS family two years ago when his owner Rene Disbrow, a much loved member of our community, manager at the coop, incredibly talented artist and animal rescuer, passed away unexpectedly. Once he came here it was clear he didn’t feel well. Poor little guy had a mouth full of abscesses! And was suffering from what appeared to be glaucoma. He had 15 teeth removed (little dogs often retain most of their baby teeth so he had almost twice as many as he should have!), and was put on antibiotics. He was soon back to his spunky self. We went to the Ophthalmological specialist and it was determined that the eye pressure was from the massive oral infection and his eye were fine! He had two years of good health and love when he suddenly became ill. He was old, we don’t know how old but we guess around 16. His kidneys were failing and he had massive gallstones. It was time to let him go. We hope he and Rene had a tearful happy reunion on the other side. If you would like to donate in his memory it will help pay his medical bills and those of others in need.