Hey Dude!!

On Monday March forth a young man from Taos was driving through Rinconada. He stopped before going into the canyon, possibly to take a call as we loose coverage in the canyon, and his 5 month old puppy “Dude” jumped out of his truck! I happened to see his post on Facebook and knew I had seen the little guy in Embudo on my way back from Espanola. I put out the word to look for him and had calls and posts from other dog loving locals that they had also seen him in Embudo. We have an email list serve called The Town-Crier (thank you Lou! ) which is invaluable for getting information out to the community. Dude was posted. But I heard nothing. For 3 days I went in search in Embudo, left food, fielded calls for sightings but still no one had picked him up. There was a road crew working south of the sightings dropping Jersey Barriers to catch falling rocks along the highway. They had seen the dog too! One worker had just seen the dog go down behind a friend’s house and the dog was limping. An injured puppy didn’t have a great chance of survival so I went searching. No sign of him anywhere. Then a friend in Rinconada called to say a dog that fit the description in the Town-Crier post had been at their farm for a few days. That was near where he jumped out of the truck! My heart soared! The friend asked for a photo to be sure it was him. (That led to a discussion of hyperlinks, one of which had been included in the post. But that is another story.) He looked at the photo while we were still on the phone and said he was pretty sure it was the same puppy. It was now Friday so this little dog had been on his own for four full days! We needed to get him! I asked that food be put out to keep the puppy from starving and to keep him close by. I called his owner to connect with my farm friends and little Dude was reunited on Saturday morning. We stopped on our way home Saturday afternoon so I could meet this tough little pup. Sometimes it truly takes a village!