Baby Girl found 100 miles from home.

This is "Baby Girl" with me. She lives in Utah, we are in New Mexico. She was visiting with her owner and was stolen from a yard 30 minutes to the north, from where I live. She was most likely dumped in our area shortly after being stolen. The owner searched for her for 2 weeks and only found her collar. He needed to get back to Utah and left believing he would never see his beautiful Baby Girl again. Unknown to him she had wandered onto the property of a dog loving local and he fell in love with Baby Girl. Lucky for her to find a great place to land. She arrived dehydrated and starving. He fed and watered her and decided to keep her. (This is against County Ordinance but we suspect most people don't understand what they are required to do if they find a lost dog here. We're working on that!) She stayed with him for two weeks then headed on down the road, literally.  Again choosing to hang at the home of dog friendly people-smart girl! But these folks knew to call us. They too loved this sweet girl but have two dogs and couldn't keep her. Jeannie Cornelius, our Executive Director and I headed over to scan her to see if she might have a chip. We would also bring her back to our foster kennel on my property. Sure enough she has a Home Again chip! I immediately called and the owner was beside himself, sure he had lost her forever! He can't get back to New Mexico until the weekend so she'll stay here for a few weeks, but not in the kennel! She is great with other dogs and is inside with "the Littles" as we call them, until her owner arrives. Another wonderful reunion story thanks to microchipping!