May begins!-UPDATED

OK, now we know!!! She is having 7-9 puppies!!! Hard to get an exact count with so many little skeletons in a relatively small belly! The vet counted heads and I counted spines. Looks like eight but one could be hidden! Hope they are all healthy and strong. Due in a week!

Still no pups so Bailey has a Dr.s appointment this afternoon!!! Do we actually have a false pregnancy? Dogs have all the signs of pregnancy but no puppies. It's a hormonal issue and can be treated. But as things often go will she go into labor when it's vet time? We'll know soon.

In our case it looks like puppies! We have a very young mother we are watching. She is due this week. This is a worrisome pregnancy because she is so young, the fathers are much larger than she, and as an outdoor dog she could hide to have the pups.  With it being high risk we may move her into our momma kennel to keep her safe. That way we can observe the birth. She and her male friend, and one of the dads, we'll know how many dads once the pups arrive, have an awful tick infestation. This is a horrible tick year!! Gross! Anyway they are both being treated and will also be wormed. 

We did received a very small load of donated food but it went out fast. We hope the next load is larger so we can distribute farther! Our donated food is brought to you thanks to Walmart! We get all of the open bag food, returned or damage and unsellable supplies like leashes, toys, treats etc. The donations rotate between 3 local non-profits so once every two weeks we get the call. We have volunteers who have pick trucks who do some of our runs for us. 

We financed the treatment of a cat with a broken leg. Ted Schubach at Taos Vet was able to set it without surgery and the cat and everyone's pocket books are doing better.  Surgery would have been very expensive! 

Parvo is rampant this year! Young pup belonging to a Firefighter came down with it last week. To keep expenses down the puppy was treated at home and responded very well! He will be fine and neutered when he is fully recovered. If we give any medical assistance to an unfixed animal one of our requirements is spay/neuter.  Doing our best to keep the unwanted animal populations down!

On the subject of spay/neuter if you live in Rio Arriba County the Española Shelter now offers low cost or free surgeries and low cost shots!  Call them for an appointment today! 505-753-8662