What a week and it's only Wednesday 5/17

Bailey had her pups. Eight of them; four boys, four girls. At first had to bottle feed as Bailey wasn't producing enough milk but she is now and puppies are growing like weeds. 

Last night we had a goat get caught in a fence.  Since she was making a whole lot of a dog attacked her. She is in the Hospital and we'll see how she does in the next couple of days. 

Little Fella went to the Hospital because he just wasn't himself and his left eye was very irritated. Turns out he had a grass seed in the eye and Glaucoma! We knew he had some bad teeth but he had to have 15 teeth pulled! He will be on soft food from here on out. Such is how it is with an older dog. But what a sweet heart. Antibiotics, two eye meds, pain meds. Oy! If the glaucoma can't be controlled the eye will have to be removed. Might change his name to Captain Jack then! He's home now and doing just fine.