Recent happenings 4/24/17

WELCOME TO OUR BLOG! Here we will be posting recent happenings. These will most likely be bi weekly or monthly.

As most of you know Renè Disbrow passed away unexpectedly on March 30th sometime during the wee hours which were often her most creative. Renè was much loved by the entire Embudo Valley community. An extraordinary human being, artist, friend, and animal rescuer. She had 5 dogs, 2 cats and a Lion Head rabbit. We were called as soon as she was found and we jumped into action cleaning the house and securing any valuables until the family could arrive, caring for the animals and finding them new homes. Maggie Mae, purebred Doberman, is in a wonderful home through NM Doberman rescue. Dobies are a very particular breed and I felt uncomfortable adopting her out to anyone without Dobie experience. Sarah and her husband Ray are one of their fosterers and are doing great with Maggie Mae. Maggie has a new sister Xena and 1.5 acres to run.  

Stewart went to live with Carol and Ron in Rinconada. They are another local rescuer and we are so grateful. Stewie is a Maltese cross, little and cute as all get out. Tiny little Stewie is the boss in his new home. The other dogs on the farm are 10 times his size! Go Stewie!

Billy Bob, oh sweet Billy Bob was Renè's newest best friend. BB was dumped here in Dixon last Thanksgiving but I didn't hear about him until he developed a horrible case of mange. By then he had decided Renè's was home. Not only did he have mange he had ring worm. Luckily none of us contracted it. But that meant weekly baths for BB! Renè and I gave him the first one and è decided that was it for her. One of our fab vets has in-house grooming so once a week we trucked him down to the groomer.  Nearly 4 months later his hair has grown back in and he is looking great! He went to a new home just up the road from where Renè lived and has 2 sisters and a brother who all love him. BB is a very sweet non-reactive Border Collie mix. Thank you Elis for being so open to this challenge! BB will be on medication for months yet but DAPS will cover all of his expenses. 

Charlie is a Heeler cross. Sweet older guy. He had an intro that didn't go well since he had never been on a leash! He was very scared and bit me, no skin break and he isn't a biter, I knew he was freaked out by the leash. I spent the next week working with him on a harness. Most dogs who don't like collar and leash adapt much better to the harness as Charlie did. He spent a couple of days in a great foster home before he moved up into the mountains with Barbara and Weto. There he is a couch potato and can run off leash. He has settled right into his new home, loves to go for rides and nap in the sun.

That left Little Fella, and older tiny poodle mix. A sweet little old man that was never house trained. That makes Little Fella almost unadoptable BUT he is so much like my little Midnight who died unexpectedly a few years back, how could I say no??? I have a tiny Chihuahua mix who marks everywhere and now both boys wear Belly Bands in the house to stop the piddling. My big dogs love Little Fella and keep an eye on him when he sneaks out of the front pen. He is snoring next to me as I write.  He loves to sleep on the cat scratcher!

The bunny went to Jessica who worked with Renè at the Co-op Market. DAPS has supplied her with food, bedding and a new larger cage. The bunny is well loved and gets to run around under supervision and without dogs! We know the bunny is old but unsure how old. We don't even know if it is male or female, I forgot to check! No matter, he/she will have a furever home and be well card for. 

The Two Somali cats, if you have never seen a Somali they are gorgeous! A deep russet red color. Taji is tiny, about 6 pounds! Raja is bigger but still petite as cats go. They are being treated for UTI and possible kidney issues which are common in Somalis. One of the DAPS Board Members, Jennifer and her daughter took the cats in. It was love at first sight! DAPS will pay for all vet care and Prescription food for the cats for the rest of their lives. 

It was a challenge to rehome all of the animals locally but we did it!! And all are in fabulous homes with experienced animal rescuers. I think Renè is pleased. Miss you my friend. : (


Last week we received a call about a Chihuahua who had been in labor for 24 hours. One puppy born, one stuck in the birth canal, one still in the womb. These are the difficult calls. This dog was now septic and in grave danger. Chances were that none of them would survive. The ower is very sweet and loves her dog but had no idea that she was pregnant or how to care for her during the birth. I am very glad she called for help! The only way to save the mom and possibly the one invitro pup was emergency C-section which we helped fund. Spay was done at this time. The surviving puppy was being bottle fed but did not survive. Very sad but the momma is doing very well. 


This morning I went to check on two dogs that we believe were dumped last night in Embudo. Both older, super sweet, love each other, neither chipped. One is pure bred, the other a designer dog so a bit odd that they'd be dumped. The little one had rolled in poo that stank!!!  We gave her a bath but she'll need another to be clear of the stink.  We are searching for her owners but if not found will search for a new home for these sweeties! For now they are in a wonderful temp home. UPDATE!!! They had escaped from across the highway! So glad they didn't get hit and are now back home safe! And smelling better.


Saturday we met Theo, a young dog, about 14 months old, dumped in Pilar. He is a black lab mix medium size, scared but sweet. Has 2 injured paws but nothing that needs emergency care. In short order he allowed me to pet him. I went to work with him this morning and he let me touch him all over and give him a tummy rub! That is a good sign. I was able to determine that he is not neutered but has an undescended testicle, poor guy. We'll have him neutered as soon as we have his trust. This sweet guy will make someone a fabulous dog!  A local youngster is hand feeding him and was very excited yesterday that Theo allowed her to pet him! We have a rescuer in the making! 


All of the work we do costs money. If you would like to help in our mission please go to the Donate Page and make a donation. Or send a check to DAPS PO Box 96, Dixon, NM 87527-0096 Thank you!