The Dixon Animal Protection Society has been “in service” since 1981. It became an official 501 (c)3 organization in 1997.  The ongoing mission of DAPS is to alleviate the overpopulation and suffering of animals in northern New Mexico. DAPS serves an area that is underserved by local shelters, as so many of our calls come from the isolated areas in the mountainous areas of northern New Mexico.

DAPS provides the following services:

  • Discount or free spays and neuters
  • Emergency vet care funding to aid animals who have been injured (those who are rescued and those belonging to local families).  In order to receive this help, the human companion must agree to have the dog or cat spayed or neutered.
  • Provide dog and cat food and doghouses for those who cannot afford to feed or house their companions.
  • Provide a 24 hour “hot line” to help with advice and emergencies.
  • Buy fencing and “kennels” for those who have dogs chained—encouraging the families to not chain their dogs.  (Let’s work for legislation to prevent this cruel practice.)
  • Set up shot clinics in Dixon (as funding is available), because any vet or shelter is, at least, 30 miles away and so many people are unable to drive their companions to a vet.  
  • Provide humane education 
  • At this time, DAPS has multiple dogs and cats residing at the sanctuary.  Those who are not adoptable (injured, abused, medical problems, etc.) live out their lives with us.
  • Work closely with other animal rescue organizations, shelters, etc. to share information, adoptions, etc.
  • The ONLY paid employees are local teens or an occasional helper who comes on an “at need”  basis.  (There are NO other paid employees, as all funds go to help needy animals and their families.)