Puppies or weeds?

Boy they grow fast! Now at 5 weeks personalities are emerging. Once shy now all demand attention! Shoe chewing is the favorite sport! Weighing in from 3.4 pounds to 7 pounds. The lead is changing paws. Was Jack now Gin Gin. Puppy breathe is sweet, puppy nails not so much! 


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Aurora is in need of a new home!

This is Aurora. She was dumped here 3 years ago and has been the companion to an abused dog but they are no longer able to be fenced together and we are out of room. She is probably OK with cats. She was around them as a pup but not for a couple of years so I'd err on the side of caution! She has not been around children so we don't know. She is generally very quick to learn, sweet, great hiking dog or runner. If she gets out she runs for about an hour and returns home. Generally good with other dogs. If interested call 505-579-4608

Busy busy!

Two puppies with parvo, both will be fine. Two dogs hit by cars. Both will be fine. One cat with a broken foot. Turned out to be an abscess. Neutered, treated, released. He's a free roaming friendly guy but now can't make more free roaming friendly guys! 

Puppies are huge! Some of them any way. Three weeks old today. Eyes and ears open. Starting to explore. Personalities emerging. 

Billy Bob is doing great. We'll see if he's healthy enough to neuter this week. 

Little Fella now has glaucoma in both eyes. Has another appointment this week then may need to see a specialist, no pun intended. 

Puppies, puppies, puppies!

The pups are now twice their birth weight which is exactly as it should be! Eyes will be opening later in the week. Largest male is more than twice the size of the smallest, also male. Looks like a Chihuahua was visiting while momma was in heat. The other pups have large dads who live near by. Momma is doing well! No issues so far. In eight weeks the pups will transfer to Colorado and mom will be spayed. Puppies are a lot of work but so beautiful. We could have aborted but we have a policy of not spaying late term. If you are able to donate to help pay for the care and feeding of this brood please do! 

What a week and it's only Wednesday 5/17

Bailey had her pups. Eight of them; four boys, four girls. At first had to bottle feed as Bailey wasn't producing enough milk but she is now and puppies are growing like weeds. 

Last night we had a goat get caught in a fence.  Since she was making a whole lot of a dog attacked her. She is in the Hospital and we'll see how she does in the next couple of days. 

Little Fella went to the Hospital because he just wasn't himself and his left eye was very irritated. Turns out he had a grass seed in the eye and Glaucoma! We knew he had some bad teeth but he had to have 15 teeth pulled! He will be on soft food from here on out. Such is how it is with an older dog. But what a sweet heart. Antibiotics, two eye meds, pain meds. Oy! If the glaucoma can't be controlled the eye will have to be removed. Might change his name to Captain Jack then! He's home now and doing just fine.